Geoffrey Heard (R.I.P)

Geoffrey Heard R.I.P A lifetime ago I joined the NBC in Rabaul whereupon I was subsequently sent to Port Moresby to be trained as a Journalist in the pioneering Journalism Diploma Course that was being run by Ross Stevens (R.I.P). Amongst my group were men such as John Eggins who went on to do pioneering … Continue reading Geoffrey Heard (R.I.P)


Loloma Puls nee Lingood.

Thank you Loloma for this story: On 9 July 2017. just 4 days after my 80th birthday I landed at Rabaul, the land of my birth,   with one of my daughters, Suzanne, and  my only granddaughter, Emma. I was born on  5 July 1937  at Raluana, 50 miles from Rabaul on the Island of New … Continue reading Loloma Puls nee Lingood.

The Blanche Bay Affair – Part 5 of 6

The Blanche Bay Affair-Part 5 of 6 Additional Background Information. Locations By 1878, The Methodist Missions had been established at the following Locations; Duke of Yorks Molot - Aminio Baledrokadroka Urakukur - Misiel Loli Utuan - Setaleti Longova Varia - Mijieli Vakaloloma Nakukur - Isoa Wainasikeci New Britain Matalau-Ratu Livai Volavola Matupit-Peni Caumea Vunairoto-Peni Luvu … Continue reading The Blanche Bay Affair – Part 5 of 6